Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tiny Chef

 So, my kids have always been difficult eaters. One thing I read was that if you get them involved IN the cooking, they are more likely to eat....
Well, experimentation has shown this to be correct!

Making salad! She LOVED getting all involved in this. 

A couple of days later, we tried Pizza! Messy, but so fun, and delicious!

 but delicious. 

I'm trying to include River in at least a couple meals a week now. She LOVES it, and she is eating better too :)

Teaching our kids to do things themselves, even when it takes 6 times as long - one of the things mamas do :)


So, we did a lot of crafting for Halloween! The kids costumes were bought or borrowed, and mine was super easy, but Kirk's Captain Hook costume really took some work!

 Here is the coat we got at Goodwill!
 Me, getting down to work!
 1 finished sleeve - Red satin and gold braid!
 Finished coat!!
 Look at our spiffy family :) We went to a trick or treat street downtown - super fun!

Then! Halloween Morning! We made pancakes, and we made them fun!

(to  be honest, no actual pumpkin was used. That would be delicious though!)


There were lots of mini halloween crafts too, but too many pics in this post already. oy!

Building memories and traditions for our kids, and for us - one of the things mamas do.