Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tiny Chef

 So, my kids have always been difficult eaters. One thing I read was that if you get them involved IN the cooking, they are more likely to eat....
Well, experimentation has shown this to be correct!

Making salad! She LOVED getting all involved in this. 

A couple of days later, we tried Pizza! Messy, but so fun, and delicious!

 but delicious. 

I'm trying to include River in at least a couple meals a week now. She LOVES it, and she is eating better too :)

Teaching our kids to do things themselves, even when it takes 6 times as long - one of the things mamas do :)


So, we did a lot of crafting for Halloween! The kids costumes were bought or borrowed, and mine was super easy, but Kirk's Captain Hook costume really took some work!

 Here is the coat we got at Goodwill!
 Me, getting down to work!
 1 finished sleeve - Red satin and gold braid!
 Finished coat!!
 Look at our spiffy family :) We went to a trick or treat street downtown - super fun!

Then! Halloween Morning! We made pancakes, and we made them fun!

(to  be honest, no actual pumpkin was used. That would be delicious though!)


There were lots of mini halloween crafts too, but too many pics in this post already. oy!

Building memories and traditions for our kids, and for us - one of the things mamas do.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Decorating

No respectable Craft OR mommy blog would be complete without a Pumpkin Decorating post. Ours is in the toddler realm...
 Pumpkins + Sharpies = wonderful pumpkins the kids can do and that will last

 River's completed pumpkin - not enough marker, I think.

 My pumpkin - not quite done yet - sparkles are COMING

 Danger has a much smaller project - but he enjoyed it :)

Stars were more his speed :)

We are still waiting on Dad's pumpkin - but I'm sure it will be fabulous :)

Finding creative ways to celebrate the holidays - one of the things mamas do.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is just a mini post today. My kids have been BORED - car is in the shop and they all had sniffles so not a lot of playdate action. What's a mama to do?!

Welllll, we got creative. And this day it was paper towel bowling!

All you need is: Paper Towels Rolls (or empty soda containers, or even stacks of toilet tissue), and a large ball
 River was into it! I tried to get her to back up, but she noticed that greatly decreased her score. And she didn't like that. Imagine ;)

The boy tried a different approach, but he was soooo happy when he knocked the pins down! Absolutely worth dirty napkins :)

All in all, a great game to fill an empty afternoon - good for counting, good for eye hand coordination. Lots of fun :)

Rescuing our kids from the cries of "I'm bored!" - one of the things mamas do.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things Dads do :)

So, this blog is all about the things mama's do, but daddies are pretty wonderful too.

Case in point: my Dangerboy loves himself some trains.


So, we got him a train table and some track, but lately we've been playing with it in the living room. Well, the wonderful daddy my kids have has been making a new track every evening for our little man. 

sweet daddy :)

And every morning it's a "WOW WOW WOW" fest as Danger discovers the new path and subsequently plays with it until breakfast.

Finding the little things that make our kids glow inside and doing them - one of the things daddies do :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hair Cut

My baby girl has gorgeous blond hair with just the cutest little curls. This was not always the case, though. No, River was born with a mohawk and had one for a very, very long time until the rest decided to catch up.  
10 months - still only a hawk
Now, with her gorgeous curls, she had a scraggly bit in the back that was that mohawk grown out. I have been afraid to cut it, fearing the curls wont return, but alas, I could take it no more.

 Here you can see that thin little bit in the back.


goodbye tiny curl :(

A healthy little haircut for a healthy little girl.

On the left is Danger's hair from when we cut his hair the first time.  On the right, River's first curl.

Helping our children grow up, even when it hurts us a little - one of the things mamas do.

Thankful Tree

I really wanted to do a fall craft with my kids, get them into the spirit of the Harvest season, AND utilize a big empty space in our living room. I am nothing if not ambitious! So, I decided to make a fall tree and use our handprints as leaves. THEN, i decided to put things we are thankful for on the leaves. Thus, the thankful tree was born...

Here is the beginning of Thankful Tree. Just brown construction paper pieced together. The black marker really made it look so much more like bark and not an indecipherable brown blob. 

A few handprints going up. Those were a bit of work. This really ended up being a me craft, rather than Mommy-and-me. But the kids loved watching it come together. 
Here is our finished tree! I love the way it came out and everyone who sees it really seems to like it. The kids are memorizing some of the leaves and point them out "Grammy!" "our bikes!" "our great home!" It's so neat. I want to make a new one every year, and maybe save a few of the handprints to watch them get big. :)

Helping my kids appreciate the blessings we have in life - one of the things mamas do.


Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. I have to stop myself from begging my husband to let me put up fall decorations in July. Mid-September is our roughly agreed upon date, and this year was no exception.
 Backyard awning

Dining Room Table. This is my favorite! Last year I used this pumpkin with gems all over it, but the kids had a heyday  taking all of those off and decorating my house with them. SO, ribbon and brads this time, and it looks amazing. Loving it as our centerpiece.

Or maybe this is my favorite. Our hanging baskets outside came out really awesome, and with amazing fall craft sales, it was super affordable.

So, there are (just a few) of my fall decorations. Making my house pretty and festive - one of the things mamas do.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Start

So, when my daughter River moved to a toddler bed, I searched everywhere for fabric for her comforter. I wanted pink and orange with little birds - not specific at all. I finally found some on etsy, and made her a darling blanket for her little bed.

My son Danger has always ran sooooo hot, as I hear boys do, and has slept with just his blankie forever. I always planned on making him one too, when I could find the right old-airplane-on-skies material (again, easy, right?) Never found it, never made it. but lately, I was feeling the loss of not making him one. So went ona  fabric search and found the PERFECT one, right at Walmarts fabric section. Crazy. Here is how it came out:

Not a great picture, I know, but it really is too cute too. As I was sewing it, (by hand - didn't want to get the machine out) my husband commented how neat it was I was making it. He said how it was one of those things mamas do... and it felt like the best compliment ever. :D

So, this blog was born. To track the things that this mama does.