Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thankful Tree

I really wanted to do a fall craft with my kids, get them into the spirit of the Harvest season, AND utilize a big empty space in our living room. I am nothing if not ambitious! So, I decided to make a fall tree and use our handprints as leaves. THEN, i decided to put things we are thankful for on the leaves. Thus, the thankful tree was born...

Here is the beginning of Thankful Tree. Just brown construction paper pieced together. The black marker really made it look so much more like bark and not an indecipherable brown blob. 

A few handprints going up. Those were a bit of work. This really ended up being a me craft, rather than Mommy-and-me. But the kids loved watching it come together. 
Here is our finished tree! I love the way it came out and everyone who sees it really seems to like it. The kids are memorizing some of the leaves and point them out "Grammy!" "our bikes!" "our great home!" It's so neat. I want to make a new one every year, and maybe save a few of the handprints to watch them get big. :)

Helping my kids appreciate the blessings we have in life - one of the things mamas do.

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