Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Start

So, when my daughter River moved to a toddler bed, I searched everywhere for fabric for her comforter. I wanted pink and orange with little birds - not specific at all. I finally found some on etsy, and made her a darling blanket for her little bed.

My son Danger has always ran sooooo hot, as I hear boys do, and has slept with just his blankie forever. I always planned on making him one too, when I could find the right old-airplane-on-skies material (again, easy, right?) Never found it, never made it. but lately, I was feeling the loss of not making him one. So went ona  fabric search and found the PERFECT one, right at Walmarts fabric section. Crazy. Here is how it came out:

Not a great picture, I know, but it really is too cute too. As I was sewing it, (by hand - didn't want to get the machine out) my husband commented how neat it was I was making it. He said how it was one of those things mamas do... and it felt like the best compliment ever. :D

So, this blog was born. To track the things that this mama does.

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